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Titanic Poem

My Thoughts were of the great Titanic, they said it would not sink.
As a ship 'twas a masterpiece of art, but little did they think.
That her maiden voyage would be her last, As through dark waters
the great ship sailed fast.

The people merrily danced and sang, and feasted on the good food there,
They had no thought of danger aheadm
thought not to offer up prayer.
There were young newly-weds midst that great throng
And they were happy as the ship sailed along.

Many older folk too, some rich, some not.
But soon their difference would be forgot
And so they sailed on, through the cold, inky black,
When suddely sounded an ominous crack
And the vast ship shuddered, as though in pain,
And cries of fear sounded, again and again!

They'd run into one of those great bergs of ice,
And the dark sea opened it's jaws like a vice,
Life Jackets were donned with trembling hands
Lifeboats loaded and lowered, to trust in God's hand.

There were not enough lifeboats for a ship so vast
And many a soul to the sea was cast!
Those in the boats watched with horrified cries
And as the ship sank, in that great icy sea,
Musicians played, "Nearer my God to thee."

So many met death on that fateful night
I wonder did they reach that land so bright?
Or, as the cold waters chilled their last drawn breath
Did som poor soul reach their final death?
They did not know they were soon to die,
And meet their Saviour, or Judge, in the sky!

Alice Eileen Coates,
Bangor, Co. Down


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