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Soul Survivor
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Host Mike Pilavachi
 Worship led by Matt Redman
and the band
April 14th to 17th. Wednesday 14th Dublin. The Core, St Catherines Church, Thomas Street, Dublin 7:30pm Celebration 3.50 Deatils: 003531 4735100 
Thursday 15th Kilkeel Christ Church Hall, Newry Street, Kilkeel 7:30pm Celebration 3.50 Details: 016937 62300 
Friday 16th Belfast The Spires, Fisherwick Place, Belfast 7:30pm Celebration 3.50 Details: 01247 274411 
Saturday 17th Lurgan CIYC Easter Praise Shankhill Parish Centre, Lurgan Afternoon workshops & evening celebration call: 01232 673379 for more details 

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