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The LifeJacket
(Steven Patterson)

Everyone is in the sea.  Everyone.

We are all drowning.

A saviour comes along and offers us a lifejacket.  We have the choice to
accept that life-saving jacket.

Many refuse , thinking that thru their own struggles they will be alright
and make it.

Some accept the lifejacket yet don't put it on and eventually throw it away,
seeing it as too much hassle, sure they'd be better of without it and it
looks stupid anyway - it aint the in thing.

Still there are others who have it on yet continue to struggle.

Have you ever tried to swim with a lifejacket on?  It's pretty hard isn't
it and you get tired easily.  This is like many Christians today.  This is
how they are behaving.  They may well have good intentions , yet they are
not experiencing God's true Grace.

True Grace highlights the serious state of desperation that we are in.  It
says 'we cannie do it', we become helpless and weak.

What is attached to a lifejacket , or should be attached to every
lifejacket?  Answers on a postcard to.......Well?

A whistle.

What does the whistle do?

When you blow the whistle what happens?

Someone will come.

Therefore stop struggling and blow your whistle.  So many christians are
dry and bored and weary - why?

They do not fully understand let alone experience life in it's fulness ;
experience God's acceptance and forgiveness.

Blow your whistle.

Jesus said and still says today "Come to me are of you who are tired of
putting on a mask , who are dry with your performance as a christian , who
are fed up and I will give you rest, peace, true deep joy, contentment."

This is the place to be.  The world and even the church portray that to be
strong to carry on and work thru the pain and the hurt , but the place to
be is in a state of weakness.  Acknowledge that you cannot do it.  Stop

You can do nothing accept blow your whistle.


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