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Strategy : Entrust myself to Christ
Goal : Know my Father
Description : God-Lover
Personality : Peaceful
Self-analysis : I may be bad, but Iím forgiven
Theology : Seek God
Bumper Sticker : ď Iím not perfect, but Iím forgivenĒ
Complaint : I canít thank him enough.
Favourite Animal : Eagle
Spends Time Looking :  Over the abundance of Godís blessings
View of Grace : Yes Me!
View of Sin : I was guilty
Work Ethic : I was guilty.
Favourite Phrase : Thank you!
Boundaries : If it feels good. Examine it.
Condition : Grateful
Paul's Pronouncement : You have no reason  to fear.
Key Verse:  ďÖ.those who are right with God will live by trusting himĒ (1:17)
The Hedonist
The Judgementalist
The Legalist
The Grace Driven Christian
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