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First, a look at why the Ark was built:

  1. God told Noah that He was going to destroy EVERY living thing because the people on earth had become so wicked;
  2. Only Noah found favor in the eyes of God;
  3. God told Noah that He would bring flood waters to destroy the earth;
  4. It had NEVER rained on earth up until that time;
  5. God instructed Noah on how to build the ark;
  6. God instructed Noah to bring 2 of every animal with him on the ark;
  7. Because Noah found favor with God, God was going to use the Ark to save Noah and his family, and repopulate the earth through them;

Following are some of the things that we can learn from Noah's Ark:

  1. Every living thing on the earth was destroyed by the flood;
  2. God provided Noah with the means to survive - the Ark;
  3. God told Noah to 'come in' not 'go in' to the Ark. This indicated that God would be with Noah during the flood;
  4. For those outside of the Ark, we can imagine that they tried all ways and means to try and save themselves from the flood waters - but they were unsuccessful;
  5. From this we can conclude that those who are outside of the protection of God, will in the end, suffer the same consequences of those outside of the Ark - and will ultimately be doomed to die.
  6. On our own, regardless of what we do, without God, we will experience death or eternal separation from God.

There is only one BIG question left to answer...

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