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(Roger Carswell)

Whether it’s buried treasure found in Egyptian tomb, a disused cave or a long-lost shipwreck, there is always delight in making a great discovery. People have been changed from paupers to millionaires overnight simply by stumbling across that which has eluded so many for so long. The older the discovered riches, the better.

The cost of finding treasure seems no obstacle - in the gold rush many even lost their lives to “Get Rich Quick!” Once a man who discovered treasure in a field was so joyful, he sold everything he had to buy the field with the treasure in it. He was no loser.

A Jeweller was travelling around the South Sea islands in search of fine pearls. he was told by one islander that the largest pearl he would ever see was owned by a man living in a particular village on another island. The jeweller eagerly made his way to the island village seeking the man who was worth so much. he was found living in what was little more than a shack. the jeweller asked about the pearl and sitting down around a rough table, the man brought out of a bag tied to his waist, the largest and most beautiful of pearls.

Upon examining the pearl, the jeweller offered a large amount of money for it, but the man refused to sell. The jeweller, used to driving a hard bargain, offered more money. Still the man refused and then told his story:

“All my life I have been a pearl diver, “ he said. “ I taught my only son to dive, Each Saturday we would go in my boat early in the morning to search for pearls. One day though, we found nothing and in the evening were returning somewhat downhearted, when my son asked to dive one last time. I agreed. I watched him fill his lungs with air, dive and go down deep. The bubbles ascended to the surface. I waited.

“ Suddenly I realised he was too long under the water. I worried. Then I dived in after him to see what was wrong. On the bed of the ocean my son was caught in reeds and was struggling to get free. I tried to help, but it seemed such a long time before I freed him and we rose to the surface. I dragged him into the boat, but his lungs were filled with water. he lay there lifeless. I could do nothing to save my son.”

“ Broken-hearted, I slowly rowed the boat back to shore. it was then that I noticed his hand was clasped and as I looked, in it was this pearl.” “My son gave his life to get this pearl, and there is no way that I’ll ever part with it, let alone sell it.”

In a similar way, Christ gave His life to save us from sin and make us secure in God for ever. Jesus said, “ I give them eternal life and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of my hand.” (John10:28)

In many ways, Christ is the ultimate treasure on this earth and in eternity. But, amazingly, the moment we commit ourselves to Him, asking Him to forgive us and become Lord and Saviour, He makes us His, Treasures us and will not let us go, either in life or death and eternity.

What a price Christ has paid to find us. We read that God bought men and women not with “corruptible things like silver or gold....but with the precious blood of Christ.” (1 Peter 3 v18,19) Jesus Christ is not just a figure in history, or a piece of antiquity. He is the one who came to earth to actually seek and save us.

On the cross the Lord Jesus paid for all our wrong actions and attitudes. Three days later He rose from the dead, having carried our sins and conquered death. He exchanges everything that is spoilt and covered with the dross of life, or that which sparkles with new and valuable life. the moment a person turns from his sin and trusts Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, God cleanses that life creating newness inside which has the hallmark of God on it.

Long ago when Adam, the first man, and Eve, the first woman, disobeyed God, they tried to hide from Him. Lovingly God sought them out asking, “ Where are you?” Of course God, who knows all things, knew they where they were, but the first step to being found is to admit we are lost. Have you ever admitted to God that you are cut off from him? Jesus came to save that which was lost, and that includes you and me!

Have you allowed Christ to find and forgive you? Have you asked Him to become your Lord and Saviour?