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How Do You Think God Sees The World?


He doesnít see black and white, Protestant and catholic, when God looks down, he only sees believers or non-believers. Thatís the only way God sees it. God wants to know are you a believer or a non- believer, and if you are a non-believer he wants you to move across that dividing line and become a believer. A Christian. Why Should you??

LAST Thursday, I had an appointment with the dentist, You know whatís itís like. Injection, numbness, drilling, and trying to talk with your mouth wide open. Itís painful, embarrassing and uncomfortable for a couple of hours. But when your older its worst..... You also have to pay money for it, and itís not cheap!

But there is a reason for it. Isnít there?. You donít want to have false teeth. So Itís worth suffering for the long term benefits. Thetas why Iím a Christian. A Believer. Itís the wisest thing to be. To forget about my friends, to forget about everything else in the world and to realise that the most important thing in the world, Is to say ď Lord Jesus, I want you as my Saviour, come into my heartĒ

You know, itís in your interests to become a believer!

ďHe that believes has everlasting life. He that doesnít believe shall not see life, but the wrath of God abideth upon them.Ē

As a consequence Jesus has given me a promise, that I have eternal life, and Iíll never perish. Iím going to die someday, donít know when, we donít know whatís around the corner. But I know this. I will never taste the judgement of God. I will be in heaven with Jesus.

Why can Jesus give us such a guarantee?

One day a wee boy was in the car with his daddy. It was a warm summerís day, so the dad opened his window to let in some air. In came a breeze, but also a bee! It started to fly around the boyís head, and the boy began to get scared. ďDaddy, daddy thereís a bee in the car, it might sting me!!Ē The dad kept his eye on the bee and as quick as a flash he grabbed it. Then he let it go again. The bee again began to fly around the inside of the car. Itís flight pattern a bit staggered after being squeezed. The boy again got scared ď Daddy the bee is still there! It still might Sting me!Ē But the dad said ď Forget about the bee, it canít harm you, the stinger is no longer in the bee, its in the palm of my hand!Ē

His daddy bore the sting, for his little boy!

Thatís the wonderful thing about the death of Jesus. Do you know what he was doing on the cross? He was baring your sin! He was taking the judgement that you deserve. So I cam to Jesus and asked him to be my saviour. To bare the sting of sin and judgement for me.

ďJesus is the bread of LifeĒ

Inside every human being there is a craving for satisfaction. A sense of purpose in life. Jesus says he is the meaning of life, the answer to that craving in your soul. Jesus says ďIf you come to me, I will take away your thirst.Ē


I thought of Giraffes, monkeys, hippos. But the answer is Greyhounds! Iíll tell you why...have you ever seen a greyhound race? 6 or 7 dogs waiting for a rabbit to pass by, their doors will open and theyíll case after that rabbit. Theíve done it loads of time, and what do you expect they discover each time? Overtime the case after the rabbit, and caught up with the rabbit, that in fact it wasnít a rabbit after all. It was a piece of plastic dressed up. In every occasion the rabbit turned out to be a fraud.

Iím waiting for one day, when the rabbit passes, the doors will open and one dog, the penny will just drop, and heíll think ď What are the chances of it being a rabbit this time??, the whole thing is a fraud, Iím staying where I am, and all them other stupid dogs can chase after it!!Ē

I look out in the world, and thereís allot of bits of plastic dressed up as rabbits. People look at it and say ď Thatís what life is all about!!, Iím going to concentrate and when the rabbit passes me, Iím gonna chase it! Because thatís were life is!Ē, and what do you always discover?. A wee bit of disappointment, emptiness. The whole thing is a fraud!

It will not give you what your after, It will not give you the satisfaction or the purpose in life. It could be a job, a wife, a husband, a girlfriend, boyfriend, education, money or sport. If your chasing it to bring you happiness and meaning. Itís going to be a fraud. The only truth is Jesus!

Thatís why Jesus says. ď I am the bread of life!Ē ď You shall never thirst!Ē

I know a man. His name is Sammy. He was a drinker and a gambler, and he would spend his money on anything that had a bet on it. He was very much into Grey-Hound racing. One day he was at the trek, It was cold wet night, and he had lost every penny that he had, he stood there after the races, soaking wet, depressed, feeling that the world was empty. As he stood there hoping somebody would feel sorry for him, and give him a lift back into Belfast, a taxi went by. In the front seat was off course the driver, and a passenger beside him. But sitting in the back seat looking out at Sammy in the rain was a Greyhound!!

This silly dog, who had just run after a piece of plastic, at least it was going home in a taxi! and there was Sammy, ten twelve years of education, standing there, not a penny in his pocket, soaking wet....a picture of human misery. Empty. Thatís when the penny dropped with Sammy, he realised that the big world was a fraud, and he is as silly as the greyhound. and he gave his life to Christ.

The benefits of becoming a Christian is this: You find the answer to life. Because you find Christ.

Jesus wants to give you a sense of purpose. A reason for our existence, a link to God creator who made us. A life lived for his Glory.

Youíll have everlasting life. You can carry on chasing them bits of plastic. Or maybe youíll say, you tired of the fraud. Iím tired of emptiness and disappointment. I want to find something real. Jesus says ď Here I amĒ Why not say ď Jesus be my saviour and take away my sins!Ē