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Leadership Team

Jo Graham, Vicky Corbett,

Colin Linton, David Murphy,

Glenn Floyd, Sam Haighton


Time: ..8.30pm - 10.30pm Friday evenings, September - June

Place: .. Church Hall, School Rd, Newtownbreda

Age Range. 13+

Format of Meetings

The programme varies weekly, with such events as quiz nights, drama nights,

games nights, visits to local leisure centres, etc.

There are also team-building nights when everyone is split into teams,

each team is equipped with a few basic materials and items, and the challenge is then to create a particular object.

Newtownbreda Baptist


  • To provide a non-threatening Christian environment where non-Christian young people will feel comfortable.

  • To provide a time & place of activity where Christian young people will feel able to invite their friends.

  • To show all who attend through the activities featured, and through the relationships which are built with them, the fun and joy that a relationship with Christ can bring to life.

  • To introduce an element of Christian teaching and growth through the use of epilogues to meetings.